There are many lessons that I have learned through life’s journey.  One life lesson, in particular, I can have FEARLESS FEAR! Throughout my life, my attitude to FEAR had crippled me into not moving, unable to think and/or reason.  As I’ve matured, Fearless Fear has been the propelling force in helping me to excel in many situations.

There’s one real lesson about a measure of fear, it seems to become intertwined within everything that we have done and yet to do.  It can begin as early as infancy. FEAR – as the baby wails because its space of familiarity has shifted, neither the familiar face or the known smell is present.  FEAR – The first day of school, filled with overwhelming anxiety when that special guardian walks away leaving the child in someone else’s care. FEAR – when we share those three words, I Love You, terrified that the recipient will fail to reciprocate.  FEAR the first time you go to the bank for a loan, and you are up all night wondering how you will make that first loan payment with all the other responsibilities on your plate.  FEAR – you have this fantastic business concept, but you retreat because you know someone will reject your idea.

I began to think about what fear was prohibiting me from doing. What if I was able to use the reality of my fearful life lessons (yes, my perception is my reality) and use them to direct me into a space of…. What if we were able to use those fearful life lessons to propel us into a space of FEARLESS FEAR?  Fearless fear may sound like an oxymoron but truthfully if FEAR is the propensity of a feeling or condition of being afraid and to being fearless is the ability to be bold or brave, is it possible to allow Fearless Fear to propel you away from adverse situations? Is it possible, fear can move you into a space of conviction, where you declare, I will never let… happen, I will work to become…(you fill in the blank).

Funny though, in my new book War Baby, one of the characters (Chelsea) was faced with a challenge when she is asked to look into a mirror.  She was asked the question, “What do you see?” In essence, she saw ‘her life,’ it was radiant on her countenance, and she didn’t like what she saw.  Many of us, will look into the mirror and not like what we see and so it becomes easier to lay blame on the results of past experiences and relationships, and no doubt as the emotional scars to indicate the hard-knocks of life are staring right back at us.  What if you could take those hurtful and degrading experiences and allow that propensity of feeling fearful direct you to a fearless behavior that will promote personal drive; avoiding the harmful exposure, actions, impactful thought-processes to those closest to you…THAT BEING YOU!  A great songwriter once penned, “It starts with the man in the mirror.” When we are able to accept the man/woman in the mirror, know that it is then Fearless Fear is activated, and your sphere of influence is broadened, and self-view now becomes confident.

Know that Fearless Fear can only be achieved by and through you. This new trajectory will develop when you become sick and tired of the same view.

I leave you with this thought realize that you are the composer with the pen; begin transcribing your destiny and be the IMPACT agent in your family and community!

Dr. G