Every day a new day, offers another opportunity to be the best you.  Promise yourself today, that every day that you wake up and can get up, you will look in the mirror and thank Him for this new day, and then reaffirm – It ain’t over yet!

In my book, War Baby, Pastor Dick refers to this story in the Bible about two women, Ruth and Naomi.  In short, Naomi left her home with everything and came back to her home with only her daughter-in-law, Ruth.  He uses this example, that life can throw us a curve ball and it can be really painful, but when you have a person(s) depending on you, you can’t sit and waddle in self-pity or even your hurt!

When others are counting on you and life hasn’t treated you fairly and every bit of your emotions, your being, really hurts, tell yourself, it ain’t over yet! When your entire being wants to just give up, remember it’s a new day. It may not feel like it, but you have air in your lungs. Stand up and declare, shout it out in the atmosphere…IT AIN’T OVER YET! Or if you are in a private meeting, your work cubicle, in church… shout it out loudly with an inside whisper!

Every day, tell yourself…It ain’t over [include your name].  Eventually, your body will catch up with your intellect and you will find yourself slowly moving towards your success!

Go out with a plan to be an Impact Agent for the day, this will hold you accountable!  As God has placed a Ruth out there for you, to keep you focused!

I leave you with this thought, you are the composer with the pen; begin transcribing your destiny, ‘cause it ain’t over yet!

Dr. G