It is commonly said that attitude determines altitude.  I’d like to add that attitude will positively or negatively affect your ability to effectively problem solve. John Maxwell once wrote, “Solving the problem, before the problem has a key. That key is attitude. I believe that a positive attitude in the face of a problem affects how you approach it, which can set you up for a positive solution.”  I concur.  Here are three ways you can improve your attitude and thereby your problem-solving.

    • Don’t bring the past failings to the present potential

Today is a new space for the opportunity to rise to your next level.  Don’t short-circuit the potential of the moment by dragging in the dead weight of yesterday’s missed targets

    • What you believe about any situation will color it

You can have drab gray in your forecast or warm, sunny orange rays of energy.  Your outlook shows on your face and it influences others.  Get your face right – genuinely smile when you think of the turn-around.

    • Your vocabulary should match your outlook

Spend time in 2020 increasing your vocabulary by learning a new positive word each week.  Challenge yourself to use it in your everyday communications (written and verbal).  You will notice how others will connect to your positivity. Today, choose to use words that lift, inspire, and convey a positive vision. This small change can transform how the rest of the exchange is received.