What makes you, you?

It matters because it affects your leadership effectiveness and overall outlook.  Understanding your personality and being willing to work on being your “best” self is a part of the change that determines whether you will experience the success you long for.

Your personality traits encompass your actions, attitudes and the behaviors you possess.

Five factors that determine your personality type includes:

  1. Openness – your appreciation for a variety of experiences.
  2. Conscientiousness –Are you a person that plans or would you rather be spontaneous?
  3. Extraversion– How out-going are you? How much do you depend on social interactions with others?
  4. Agreeableness – How friendly are you? How would you rate your ability to be tactful?
  5. Neuroticism – Are you able to remain stable and balanced in times of worry or vulnerability?

Now, assess yourself. For it is only when we are self-aware and honest about our traits, can we truly capitalize on our potential and increase our capacity.