Life is raw.  You believe that hurt can’t hurt anymore!  Your relationships have soured as all you have received is empty promises.  “How can I go on?” you ask yourself.  You cannot wait for the day to end, your heart hurts so bad.  No one hears you, everyone says that they are there for you, but when you really need that hope, they are nowhere to be found.  Every night you kneel and face heaven and the tears flow and its midnight.

But in the silence, you imagine you hear.  There’s a stillness in the atmosphere, you are still unsure of what you hear, but it’s midnight and your spirit is singing a song of healing; and soon your mouth is articulating what your spirit is singing.  It is midnight and your tears are not as prominent, perhaps you are beginning to heal.

The midnight cry is a time when you feel so alone, it could be 2 o’clock in the afternoon, but your heart hurts, you are present, but never there. The pain is so great!

I found in my midnight cry that would happen in the early hours of the morning, during lunch and late at night a great lesson.  When your pain shatters your heart and you have nothing else to give, I learned that the Holy Spirit had never left me and if I cried out at my midnight, He was right there.

If you are experiencing a midnight cry, reach up and look up; for God is right there.  At my most vulnerable state, I became as an infant reaching up with both arms to their parent, expressing ‘up please’!  With both arms raised, I cried, “God, up please.” as I can’t and don’t want to do this part of life alone.  When we learn to surrender, beyond what the philosophers, astrologers and palm readers may say, cry out, “Father God, up please.” He will receive and comfort you.

Remember you are the composer with the pen.  Begin transcribing your destiny.  Sometimes it (your new destiny) happens during your midnight cry!  Be encouraged for it is true, draw close to God and this too shall pass!

Dr. G