Dr. G

is a world-class Keynote Speaker, published Author and Life Coach with more than three decades of experience. She has earned the respect of senior executives, youth and clergy personnel, having the ability to translate everyday experiences into literal language that empowers and transforms her audiences. Her mantra as tiller of the earth, supports exchange that stimulates an introspective philosophy; that combined with her depth of spiritual understanding, humor and personal candor are key attributes which fuels a relaxed but attentive report with her participants.

This is an extraordinary gift. A native of the beautiful Islands of Bermuda, Dr. Georgette Prime-Godwin received a B.Sc. Organizational Leadership and Management from Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia and Master of Divinity Degree for Pastoral Leadership from Payne Theological Seminary, Wilberforce, Ohio and an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity and Chaplaincy from CICA University and Seminary and a Certified Professional Life Coach Designation from Life Coach Institute of Orange County, Florida.

Dr. Georgette Prime-Godwin is a symbol of hope for this nation and the world. She provides answers to tough questions with practical solutions based on biblical wisdom. Much like Jesus’ approach to teaching eternal truths that we see in the synoptic Gospels, She is a global visionary who deploys modern-day illustrations and a fresh perspective to help generations understand the heart of the Father.

Dr. G. is an author who uses literary works as an avenue to help others grow and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. As a seasoned teacher, Dr. G. uses literary works to impact and empower her audience to expand their minds through her books, trainings, and teachings.

Dr. G. is a forward-thinker who engages her audience through evidence-based experiences and uniqueness which places her in the top 1% of her peers on a global scale. She provides practical advice on topics such as faith, life purpose and relational issues. Her commitment as a professional coach is evident as an International Coaching Federation Certified Coach.

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